Classes & Workshops


Beginner to Advanced

Fitness is a journey, whether you are training with us to lower your BP or to run a faster 5k we have the tools to help you achieve your numbers.

Foundation Program

Foundations is designed to help you feel more comfortable at 734. We cover everything from how to schedule a class, to proper exercise technique to modifications and scaling. It’s a great way to start your journey and to get ramped up for CrossFit group classes.

CrossFit Group Training

This is our bread and butter program where all the magic happens. Once you’ve finished the Foundation program then you are welcomed into group training. You’ll start in the Level 1 program alongside others who will help push you, motivate you and help keep you accountable.

Individual Coaching

One-On-One training is a great option for those that may not be ready to enroll into our group fitness classes or need a little more support. This is also a great tool to help achieve goals quicker. Whether it be attaining your first pull up or getting set up with a nutrition plan. We offer 30 .and 60 minute sessions.

Sports Performance

Our program is designed to develop and improve athletic movement. This is accomplished through many pillars of fitness including, balance, stability, flexibility, mobility, strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, and accuracy. We offer one on one or team training. Team training beings at $100 per session with a 10 week minimum commitment.