Armed for the Unknown

Ypsilanti’s Foremost Fitness Facility

734 Strength and Performance’s mission is to provide a training experience designed around fitness, health, and overall wellness. With thoughtful workout programming created and taught by the most highly qualified, educated and experienced coaches in the business, our sessions are safe and potently effective.

Here at 734 Strength and Performance we believe that health, wellness, and fitness are more than just working out -- it’s a lifestyle. And that’s why we offer a suite of specialty classes, nutritional guidance and goal setting instruction in addition to our fun and challenging daily workouts.

Our system sets up a strong foundation for success and naturally builds a community of mutual support and motivation. No matter your level of fitness or athletic experience, we ensure that you develop mechanically sound movement patterns that make you strong, lean and ready to take on the challenges of everyday life and more. Get Armed for the Unknown, inside and outside of the gym.

Nothing to Lose.
Everything to Gain.

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Our Facility

734 Strength and Performance’s 4,000 square foot facility is designed to prepare you for life. It’s all about functional fitness. We have the tools to have you pushing, pulling, jumping, lifting, climbing, throwing and every other exercise that our bodies are innately capable of performing. Our large, open space with 20-foot ceilings is equipped with 48 feet of wall-mounted pull-up stations and squat racks, fully matted floors and turf run for agility drills and sled pushes, a designated Olympic weightlifting area and plenty of outdoor space.

  • "This gym (box) isn't your typical Crossfit atmosphere, this is a place you come to feel welcomed, supported, and taken in to help you reach your fitness goals, the ones you've always wanted to reach but couldn't ever figure just how to get there. I started going to this gym in late 2016, and from the first step in the door was welcomed by many smiling faces, all determined to do one thing, help not just themselves, but one another go above and beyond in their fitness journeys. Home to some of the most friendliest, outgoing, and hardworking people, 734 strength, is hands down an amazing place to be"

    Sydney Witter

  • CrossFit734 is just an awesome experience. The atmosphere of the box is amazing, just what you need to workout at a high level and keep coming back for more. Supportive, personable & knowledgeable coaches- you are not a number here.

    Kevin Valenti

  • CrossFit734 has lit a spark in me that I haven't seen in years and I am so grateful for that. I am thankful for the knowledgeable coaches, great programming, and friendships that have formed thanks to 734.

    Brynn Majewski