Meet the CrossFit Coaches

THE 734 Strength and Performance TEAM

The 734 Strength and Performance team is comprised of industry professionals with years of experience and an impressive portfolio of education and personal athletic accomplishments. They are dedicated to helping every member improve their fitness, performance, and overall quality of life. No matter what level of fitness, athletic ability or prior experience, they are perfectly suited to help you reach your personal goals. Meet your team.
  • Aaron Brewer

    Owner, Sport Performance and CF Coach

    “It’s a really rewarding thing to watch athletes do things  in life that they never dreamed possible. The look on their face when they PR their mile run or do their first pull up is why I do this. It is an amazing thing to be a part of.”

    Aaron has always had a passion for athletics, and as a collegiate level varsity sprinter and 2-time All-GLIAC at Saginaw Valley State University, he developed a deep appreciation for exercise science. When CrossFit entered his life and his career, he experienced a personal transformation in fitness and health even as an elite level athlete and personal trainer. With the support of his wife, Aaron took the opportunity to build a fitness community in Ypsilanti and share the incredible training methodology to as many people as possible. He is driven to help people improve health, fitness and performance for a lifetime.


    • M.S. Human Performance and Injury Prevention
    • CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)
    • PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)
    • CrossFit Level 2 Coach
    • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • Wayne Gilbert

    Head Coach & Foundation Program Director

    “Knowing my exercise background and the gains I had seen from CrossFit, I wanted to share this type of training with as many people as possible. I hope to inspire the people I train with my story. I want people to know that CrossFit is for everybody, and I can attest to that.”

    Wayne didn’t have athletic pursuits until he was in his twenties, but when he started an exercise regimen and training in mixed martial arts, he experienced a true-life transformation. His decision to start an exercise regimen was based on his desire to manage depression, anxiety, and stress. As a result, he fell in love with training and went to obtain his NSCA certification. CrossFit became a part of his life when he was searching for a new hobby and a competitive outlet after he had finished school. CrossFit fit his personal beliefs that training should encourage performance-based goals, and today, he is dedicated to helping people make positive, trackable, changes in their lives.


    • NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
    • CrossFit Level 2 Coach
    • USAW Advanced Sport Performance Coach
  • Eric Santure

    Director of Operations, Sport Performance Coach, CF Coach

    “We as coaches are the catalyst of change for many people, the change is often brought by the encouragement and positive influence of the community.”

    Eric was a 14-year competitive wrestler with multiple state tournament runs. And having played several other sports as well, Eric has always had a healthy appreciation for sports and athletics. While Eric was well on his way to becoming an attorney, he realized that fitness was his true passion and is now pursuing his degree in sports performance. As a coach, he specializes in gymnastics skill development and team training. What he loves most about coaching is being a part of building a community that forges fitness better than any one coach would ever be able to.


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • B.A. Sports Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship
  • Julie Jahn

    Coach, Program Assistant, Yoga Instructor, FitKids Coordinator

    “I love when people realize that training isn’t punishment; it’s a reward and a gift they give themselves each day. Seeing this shift in perspective to training, exercise, and workouts make me thankful for this place and what I am able to contribute towards it.”

    Julie started CrossFit in 2013 and enjoys it most for the constant physical and mental challenge/growth process, the variability and overall functional fitness development, and family-feel of the 734 community. She was a 4-year collegiate athlete in track and field at the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse in 2000-2004. She works full-time as a physical activity professional and movement educator by day so taking the next step to contribute to the 734 Strength and Performance staff and operations is a perfect application of her education and regular work life. She is passionate about merging quality fitness programming and coaching with community so that each member, young or old, is excited to continue to learn how to move with confidence, ease, strength, and determination.



    • M.A. Physical Education
    • CYT
    • CrossFit Level 1
    • USAW Sports Performance
  • Sheila Reeves

    Director of Athlete Relations/Nutritionist

    “Not only am I here to help manage long and short term planning and operations of the box, but I also genuinely want to see people get better, stronger, healthier, and believe and practice our training methods. I’ll see you at the box!”

    With a background in nutrition and food science, Sheila is passionate about learning about human nutrition, sustainable food practices, and metabolic syndrome/diabetic nutritional interventions. She wants to spread the knowledge that food is not only meant for energy but can often help (and in some instances reverse) several human syndromes and diseases. As a founding member of 734 Strength and Performance and now Director of Athlete Relations, Sheila is a valuable member of the 734 staff who is dedicated to maximizing the 734 Strength and Performance experience.


    • B.A. Nutrition and Food Science
  • Lauren May

    Nutrition & Wellness Coach, Experience Coordinator

    “What experience has taught me is that we are all unique individuals, with distinct needs and different visions of what it means to be healthy. Working together, we create a roadmap to health that fits each person’s goals and lifestyle.”

    Lauren specializes in working with athletes of all levels to address the nutritional needs that will optimize their performance and health. She’s passionate about empowering and educating our members to make healthy food choices to successfully fuel their fitness goals, and she loves seeing the members enjoy not only the progress but the process of their personal transformations.


    • Certified Holistic Health Coach
    • B.A. Communications and Organizational Development
  • Jake Blackmer


    What I love most about coaching is “being able to help people make adjustments in movements and strategy, so that they get the most out of their workouts!”

    Jake is an accomplished athlete and coach. He is a former NJCAA wrestler, 2-time Academic All American, and NCAA D3 wrestler. Jake is also NCAA D3 assistant wrestling coach and is well-versed in working with athletes of all levels. When he found CrossFit and it began to become an important part of his life, he naturally made the transition to coaching. Jake specializes in movement and mobility, and is passionate about teaching people how to optimize their movement patterns to make their workouts more effective and to prevent injury.


    • CrossFit Level 1


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